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A highly dedicated team headed by Carole McClelland McTimoney Chiropractor.

Each horse is treated as an individual and a programme of both treatment and appropriate controlled exercise is put in place to ensure the horse has the best opportunity to recover. 

We are happy and able to work alongside your own vets or we have an in house practice. 


Rehabilitation Livery

Full rehab livery - currently from £38 per day (min 1 week). See price list for more info
Indiba, Chiro, Laser, Soft tissue work, Remedial exercise based on classical training and encouraging horses to engage the correct muscles for long term soundness, Stretching, Working with our vet or your own, Use of all the facilities as required, Ongoing gait analysis, Return to work 

Water treadmill can be added 


Outpatient Treatments

Outpatient treatments - £50 per session
Use of all the facilities for gait analysis,  Treatment with Carole McClelland to include chiro/Indiba/laser as required These spaces can usually be booked at short notice and saves waiting for availability in your area



Fitness Livery

5 x water treadmill sessions per week based here on a full livery basis - £375 per week

Depending on your horse's current strength and fitness levels these sessions will gradually increase in duration and difficulty These spaces are for horses without medical conditions that just require some additional training. Dangerous/ difficult horses or those with rehab needs should be on our rehabilitation livery programme instead 


Holiday Livery

Going on holiday and need to know your horse is getting the best care in your absence…Initial week - £175, subsequent consecutive weeks - £150. All basic care included. Exercising available at additional cost. 

Up to 2 water treadmill sessions can be added per week at £40 a session

1 treatment session with Carole McClelland can be added per week at £50 per session 

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Distance Offerings

Telephone Consultation with Carole McClelland  

This is an opportunity to send all your horses medical history, photos, problems and discuss anything you are struggling with to do with the injury or rehabilitation. Followed up by up to an hour long telephone call or zoom call with Carole. 
This is not an opportunity for diagnosis but can help cover things you may not have thought of and help form a plan moving forwards 

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