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Mentor Programme

Mentor Programme

Run one on one by Carole McClelland, Director of Lowton Equine Rehabilitation the mentor programme is ideal for newly qualified physios, chiropractors, osteopaths or other professionals that are setting out and want back up for the first 12 months of their journey.


Upon leaving college or university it is very common for people to suffer with nerves or anxiety around building their business, going it alone, competing with other more experienced practitioners. Imposter syndrome is a real thing, we've all been there.

Even if this doesn't occur immediately it is common for confidence to be knocked and many people give up in the first couple of years or never make it away from their 9-5.


In this programme Carole will walk you step by step through your first year in business. From marketing, branding, how to build your client list and fill your diary; to support with individual cases, clinical information and training, even her own indiba protocols if required.


Carole has dedicated the last 12 years of her life learning as much as she can about the horses body so that she can provide the best possible treatment whatever the circumstance. Prior to qualifying she had an extensive background in business development and corporate sales. Within this programme you can get access to everything she has learned.


This mentorship will also include 5 days on site at Lowton Equine Rehabilitation to go over any treatment skills you want help with and practice anything you need to in a safe and supportive environment. 


A weekly one on one call through the first 6 months to discuss everything from goals and planning, to problems encountered during the week. Moving to biweekly after 6 months if you feel ready - by this time I'm sure you will be flying.

Availability via whatsapp for any emergency advice regarding tricky cases you come across.

Sales and marketing planning, how to attract your perfect client - and keep them forever, what worked for Carole - and all the things she tried that didn't. 


Plus for those of you that don't know her yet, there will be a whole load of real life information, what we see in practice and probably a fair bit of the woowoo. No topic off limits. 


Want more information before signing up, book a call with Carole to discuss


£200 per month, 12 months payable up front - that way you are making the commitment to yourself to make this work. Thats less than 1 appointment per week. 


Payment arrangements may be offered dependant on individual circumstances. 


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